Tuesday, February 23, 2010

going to do it

OK, here it goes my first blog post. Since I love all things house that is what I am going to talk about. First post is my Tuesday nook, this is my favorite spot to look at in this room

This is in my living room and is still a work in progress. I need window treatments SOOOO badly but I would have to do CPR on the budget in order for that to happen. So for now I may be stalking the Nester for some ideas on some window mistreatment's. Also my goosebumps moment at Home goods was coming across these bad boys

I hung these in my kitchen yesterday. They had been hiding in the trunk of my car so my husband would not know I had been out shopping but they just could not be hidden any longer.

I had seen these here and had drooled over them for like ever, and imagine my surprise when I was minding my own business at Home Goods and these practically jumped of the shelf and into my loving arms. Let me show them to you again

Booyay, baby! Now I know that I copied how She did them but She did them just so perfectly that I thought why mess with a good thing, are you following me.
OK so that is it for my first post, I am trying to elevate a coffee table that I just moved to behind my couch. Problem, couch to tall, coffee table to short and you can't see what is on the table. Any ideas???? Someone, anyone, can you help a girl out.
Now lets hope I can actually get this thing posted correctly.


To nest or not to nest said...
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Lettered Cottage said...

Nice to meet you "West Coast Nester"!
Thanks for linking to me! :-)
As for your table dilemma- you should post some pics. I wanna see! And I'm sure you'd get a million opinions if you showed everyone out in blogland what you're workin' with!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks like you're off to a good start. :-)