Friday, February 26, 2010

It's gonna be a good, good day

Ran into the Walmart today to pick up some light bulbs, why does it seem like all bulbs burn out at the same time. Anyway, as I was debating wattage, look what my eyes rested upon.

I was giggling like a school girl. Just made me a latte and going to savor every page. Then when I am done I will be using some chalk board paint on this

I am hoping to store my laundry soap in it. I currently use liquid soap, I however can not stand the mess it leaves on my washer and how it runs down the side of the bottle. So I just bought a ginormous ( I know this is not a word, I however use it frequently) container of powder detergent from Costco and planning on dumping the whole thing into this bucket with a scooper and having this sit on top of my dryer. Not only will my laundry room smell fabulous it will be a little bit cleaner, I hope.

I came across this "Dreamy" blog today and fell in love, so when I feel like procrastinating a little longer this is where you will find me.

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