Wednesday, April 28, 2010


and more flowers. That is what I have been up to.

so far total is seventeen. I am making them for the retreat team for our church. We will be wearing them this weekend up in Palm Springs for a weekend getaway Beth Moore retreat. I am counting the days.

And these beautiful lilacs were given to me by a lovely lady on the ministry leaders team. I had a meeting at my home last night and she cut those from her tree. I have never had fresh lilacs in my house before. They smell just divine.

And these pretties I picked on a hike yesterday. They were growing wild in the hills behind my house not sure what they are called but I love them.

Going to dinner at a friends tonight and then another last minute retreat meeting to wrap up all the loose ends. We have 180 women coming and I am so excited to be spending the weekend in fellowship with them.

Off to finish adding buttons to all the flowers. Wishing you all could join me. I could really use the help.

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