Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rocked and rolled for Easter

What a beautiful Easter and spring break we are having here in So cal. I am feeling the spring cleaning bug. However it never lasts for long. I get all clean crazy for about an hour or two and then caput. I am over it. So I brew another latte and wait for the caffeine high to hit.

You got to love living in So cal. You never know when a good old earthquake is gonna scare the CRAP out of you. Nothing like a good old adrenaline rush while you are trying to shove down another slice of ham. I actually thought I had to much champagne and could not figure out why I could not stop swaying and feeling so dizzy. Until I heard my mother yell EARTHQUAKE! I grab my kids and run outside and you could actually see the earth rolling and could hear the house making a creaking sound. So when it finally ends we all head back inside to scarf down another helping of scalloped potatoes. Good times, I tell you, Good times. Growing up with earthquakes does not make you used to them, they still scare the crap right out of me.

Anyway, the weather is starting to call me to the outdoors. This is what I am dreaming my yard will look like one day.

or how about this one

Now this one is possible

I am dreaming of a mint julep on this porch.
I have never actually had a mint julep come to think of it.

Ok, done dreaming and back to the grind of my Tuesday.

Pictures courtesy of House Beautiful

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The Floppy Cow said...

How lovely! The first one is my favorite. I would never go inside if my yard looked like this!I can almost smell the roses.