Friday, March 5, 2010


Literally, it is raining crap at my house. Pigeon crap that is. Take a look, only if you have a strong stomach
Isn't that disgusting. That is pigeon crap, bird feces falling of my roof. Or should I say being sprayed off my roof. This is what happens when you have a really tall house with eaves, pigeons apparently take up residence. So a power washer and pigeon expert came to save the day and hopefully scare these nasty little poopers off our roof for good.

Look at the BBQ, I think I just had a baby barf in my mouth.

My dining room doors and feces dripping down them. Lovely! Enjoy your day hopefully it is not as "crappy" as mine. LOL!!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Mmm...nothing says good grilling like some bird poop. Yuck. Thanks for the visit to my blog and your compliments. :)

My House of Giggles said...

heehee...this post made me laugh. Not AT you, of course;) gross. Poor you!
I just stumbled across your blog, and I just had to follow you....I love what you've done with the little chalkboards :) i just painted a whole wall in chalk board pain in my kitchen last much fun!
Feel free to visit my little blog...