Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Housewives

A little late in the day to be blogging but I just got back from the OC. Was in the neighborhood of a few "housewives" and was hoping they would pop out to say hello and be a little "real" with me. No such luck, it was a drizzly day and I think maybe they were afraid there hair might frizz like mine did. Anywhoo, got home and had to become a "real housewife" myself and clean up cat vomit on my leather sofa, and then proceed to clean up used tampons that my dog pulled out of the trash can and partially chewed and then left for me all over the hardwood floor. Now that is a real housewife if I have ever seen one. And to those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, be grateful that you have not been sucked into the world of Bravo Tv drama, crap tv is what my husband like to call it. Speaking of crap, birds still having a party on the rooftop any ideas?????

And what is a post with out a picture or too so here is a little eye candy for you

black and white living room

I snagged those from Country living

Any pigeon miracle stories please share, My hubby thinks if he continues to shoot them off the roof with his pellet gun that they will tell all the pigeons in pigeon land that our rooftop is not the place to hang any longer. I am not sure this is a reliable method.



Jeanneoli said...

I love pocket doors so much and wish our current home had them!!!

AtOneWithHim said...

You're funny and cute.
Pigeons really get the hint when their friends get dead. LOL. We get a few flying rats in my neighborhood but for some reason they settle on others roofs and not ours.. I wish I had some tips for ya..sadly I don't. Do you have a 13 year old boy? I know mine would love to do the job. He is always asking to shoot the barking dogs next door...