Saturday, February 27, 2010

hot glue

The hot glue gun and I have been bonding today. It is a fabulous rainy day, I was supposed to head up to Palm Springs for a photo shoot but nope it rained. I love the rain. So as the rain fell and I had an unexpected afternoon to myself, I glued, and glued. Will be wearing this bad boy to church tomorrow.

Isn't she a beauty. I have been making quit a few of these lately. Every time I wear one, I sell it right of my neck. Ok, back to the glue gun and some burlap. Oh, and wait until you see the galvanized tub I spray painted yesterday. It turned out great.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's gonna be a good, good day

Ran into the Walmart today to pick up some light bulbs, why does it seem like all bulbs burn out at the same time. Anyway, as I was debating wattage, look what my eyes rested upon.

I was giggling like a school girl. Just made me a latte and going to savor every page. Then when I am done I will be using some chalk board paint on this

I am hoping to store my laundry soap in it. I currently use liquid soap, I however can not stand the mess it leaves on my washer and how it runs down the side of the bottle. So I just bought a ginormous ( I know this is not a word, I however use it frequently) container of powder detergent from Costco and planning on dumping the whole thing into this bucket with a scooper and having this sit on top of my dryer. Not only will my laundry room smell fabulous it will be a little bit cleaner, I hope.

I came across this "Dreamy" blog today and fell in love, so when I feel like procrastinating a little longer this is where you will find me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

problem area

Here is the spot that I can't figure out. I just moved this table to behind the couch. The couch was pushed all the way against the wall but it looked kind of sad that way. We have not lived here for very long so I am still shuffling things around. If anyone can help a girl out that would be oh so fabulous!

Can you see it, that sofa table behind the couch, it is to short and probably not long enough but that is all I have to work with at the moment. And no, the cat is not part of the decor

This is the view right when you walk into this room. It is the family room and kitchen it is one great big room. And no I do not plan on keeping the lamp smack in the middle of the floor. It was to tall once I put the other lamps on the table behind the couch and now I can't figure out what to do with it.

As I look at this room, I am not sure that plant works either?? Maybe the Ar moire should be at an angle. HMM???

Another view.

Since we pulled the couch out to fit the sofa table now this antique table seems a bit lost.

Yes, I know you are gasping in unbelief. This ladies is what I have the table raised up on at the moment. Like I said I need all the help I can get??????

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

going to do it

OK, here it goes my first blog post. Since I love all things house that is what I am going to talk about. First post is my Tuesday nook, this is my favorite spot to look at in this room

This is in my living room and is still a work in progress. I need window treatments SOOOO badly but I would have to do CPR on the budget in order for that to happen. So for now I may be stalking the Nester for some ideas on some window mistreatment's. Also my goosebumps moment at Home goods was coming across these bad boys

I hung these in my kitchen yesterday. They had been hiding in the trunk of my car so my husband would not know I had been out shopping but they just could not be hidden any longer.

I had seen these here and had drooled over them for like ever, and imagine my surprise when I was minding my own business at Home Goods and these practically jumped of the shelf and into my loving arms. Let me show them to you again

Booyay, baby! Now I know that I copied how She did them but She did them just so perfectly that I thought why mess with a good thing, are you following me.
OK so that is it for my first post, I am trying to elevate a coffee table that I just moved to behind my couch. Problem, couch to tall, coffee table to short and you can't see what is on the table. Any ideas???? Someone, anyone, can you help a girl out.
Now lets hope I can actually get this thing posted correctly.