Saturday, February 26, 2011

A week in review

When I look at the week in review it makes me smile. I have the tendency to look at each day separately and not the week as a whole. Today as I sit in my little place of happiness with a hot cup of coffee I am reflecting on week well done. Most of the week I spent creating. Completely holed up in my little place of happiness. A few visitors stopped by for a latte and to see if I was still among the land of the living. And living I was. I was on a non stop creating frenzy and it felt oh so good. I had a minor detour on Thursday and went out to lunch with a beautiful friend and mentor from church. I left feeling refreshed and thankful to God for the amazing women that He has surrounded me with. On Friday I was in a creating frenzy again and had a very spontaneous invitation to lunch with my daughters friend and mom from school. So we spent the next three hours talking and asking for the bottomless basket of fries to be refilled. I got home and created for hours again. My hubby has asked me to meet him in San Diego for the weekend at an old Victorian hotel in the gas lamp district. I sit conflicted. We are suppose to get thunderstorms today and those don't happen very often in my neck of the woods. These are my favorite days to nest and create. He has now bribed me with a nice dinner and maybe some shopping. So off I go. I know this is something couples should do to spice things up every now and again. But my problem lies in the fact that I am a homebody. Truly I could stay in my home for weeks at a time perfectly content. I am going to stop rambling now and drop the kids of at grandmas and pack a bag for a romantic impromptu trip. My husband did just inform me that the hotel we are staying at is haunted. NICE!! He waited until I had agreed and arraignments were made to drop that one. I will let you know if we have any visitors. Crap!! That totally freaks me out!!!

I will leave you with a picture

This is one of my visual tools I use for inspiration. I have been pulling magazine pictures out and taping them all over my walls in my studio. Sigh..... by by studio you have made me so happy this week and we have been so productive together. I am leaving just for a day or two. I will tell the ghost's hello, and who knows they could add a whole new level of spice to the weekend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy heart day

I had a beautiful weekend. Not to mention the weather here was gorgeous. 80 degrees if you really need to know. Went hiking up the Santa rosa plateau, almost got eaten by a coyote. Kidding about the coyote but it dig scare the crap out of me.

We are having a family Valentines day at our abode tonight that means the kids are celebrating with us. So I have been busy getting dinner in the crock pot and decorations up and ready for a nice evening.

Here is a peek:

Don't get scared over the paprika wall color. I have finally finished procrastinating and picked out the new color. I had no idea that a shade of blue would be so difficult. Now lets see how long it takes to make it to the wall.

I am a little obsessed with the napkin flowers. Not sure I can even part with them after valentines day.

This is hanging in my studio. Thought I would add a little heart cheer since I spend to much time here.
More flowers I just can't help myself.

And these pretties are what we planted in the front and back over the weekend. I told my man that flowers in the yard is what I would love for valentines day. Hopefully I don't end up killing these too quickly. I am no green thumb by any stretch of the imagination.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day.
My heart is full! How about yours?