Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Launching my creativity

A romantic statement. Just listed this baby on etsy.

This one I will name bohemian rhapsody. My inner hippie chic.

This has been my saying for months now. And yes, we really can do it anyway.

Why not right. Live inspired anyway.

You see art really does heal the soul and yours deserves healing.

These two are for a custom order for this sweet girl

Rita tell me which one you like better before I add your metal blingage.

You see a little "tea" party amongst girls can launch into an entire new world.

Thank you Sharon for launching so many of us into believing that we can and thank you Amber for inviting me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

learning to believe

I have had so many things going or should I say racing through my mind since this weekend that I am trying to process it all. I had the privilege of going to Launch your creativity on Saturday with 3 new friends. I must say I had only met one for a split second in my driveway and the other two were a mystery. I was nervous. You see, I have this funny thing that happens to me when I am put into a new situation. I am afraid. Afraid that I will be judged, turned ones nose upon, gossiped about. But, I have been learning to be brave. So that day I put on my brave girl boots. I do believe with out a doubt that God strategically placed me in the company of these beautiful woman for a reason (Amber,Rita, Nicky). To believe. To believe in myself, to open my eyes to a whole new world of creative woman and opportunities that I did not know existed. To gently tell me that yes, I can and do deserve to do this. You see I create because I have a deep seeded need too. It is something that is deep within my soul that I must use my hands to create things. I see the world differently. Art is therapy for me. I must make art to heal for many many reasons. But I have always felt that I can create but I don't deserve too. What I have learned is, the reason I can create, is because I do it from a place that is raw, real, broken but yet beautiful. I make things to heal. While I sat at this conference among very talented woman, I started to believe, I started to dream. I felt very convicted that the reason I can make pretty things is because each time, I am able to dig deep into the broken parts of my heart and turn them into something beautiful. So here is to making something beautiful. What beautiful things are you making? xoxo