Wednesday, April 28, 2010


and more flowers. That is what I have been up to.

so far total is seventeen. I am making them for the retreat team for our church. We will be wearing them this weekend up in Palm Springs for a weekend getaway Beth Moore retreat. I am counting the days.

And these beautiful lilacs were given to me by a lovely lady on the ministry leaders team. I had a meeting at my home last night and she cut those from her tree. I have never had fresh lilacs in my house before. They smell just divine.

And these pretties I picked on a hike yesterday. They were growing wild in the hills behind my house not sure what they are called but I love them.

Going to dinner at a friends tonight and then another last minute retreat meeting to wrap up all the loose ends. We have 180 women coming and I am so excited to be spending the weekend in fellowship with them.

Off to finish adding buttons to all the flowers. Wishing you all could join me. I could really use the help.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So what do you do when you spend all morning mopping very dirty hardwood floors and then run to drop the kids off at school. When you get back your husband tells you that while he was on a work call he left the back door open to let the cat out, while he was on said business call the cat caught a mouse, then brought it into the house then the dog saw it. Who went banana's running in and out of the house through the mud trying to catch the cat, who had the mouse in the house. All the while getting mud all over the freshly cleaned hard wood floors.

So here I now sit with very muddy floors and a couple of these that I picked up. I am not I repeat am not cleaning the floors again today, I am however going to shove not one but maybe even two of these bad boys into my mouth so that it keeps me from saying a few choice words to my husband.

Caution drooling ahead.

Rose Petal Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes

I am going to stop talking now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I am just dreaming a little, here is what is on my mind

House decorating natural beauty - Kitchen
Isn't that kitchen fabulous.

House decorating natural beauty - Breakfast Room
If my dining room looked like that, I would totally invite you over.

House decorating natural beauty - Bay Window
Sigh..... nap time, don't ya think?

House decorating natural beauty - Cabinet
My weakness, white dishes!

House decorating natural beauty - Mercury Glass Collection

Shazame, really, I mean look at those.

House decorating natural beauty - Guest Bedroom
All photos from here

What are you dreaming of?

Monday, April 12, 2010

my favorite place

This is the place that I dream of in the morning, and crave in the afternoon. It brings me great delight and joy to my taste buds morning, noon and night. Without further anticipation my favorite place

My coffee nook. Can you smell it. She makes fabulous lattes, iced or hot, a great cup of hot coffee with a strange Italian froth on every cup. She had me at hello....... on my way to brew another cup. And don't say a word about the dead plant in the back, I seem to do that to anything green in this place.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rocked and rolled for Easter

What a beautiful Easter and spring break we are having here in So cal. I am feeling the spring cleaning bug. However it never lasts for long. I get all clean crazy for about an hour or two and then caput. I am over it. So I brew another latte and wait for the caffeine high to hit.

You got to love living in So cal. You never know when a good old earthquake is gonna scare the CRAP out of you. Nothing like a good old adrenaline rush while you are trying to shove down another slice of ham. I actually thought I had to much champagne and could not figure out why I could not stop swaying and feeling so dizzy. Until I heard my mother yell EARTHQUAKE! I grab my kids and run outside and you could actually see the earth rolling and could hear the house making a creaking sound. So when it finally ends we all head back inside to scarf down another helping of scalloped potatoes. Good times, I tell you, Good times. Growing up with earthquakes does not make you used to them, they still scare the crap right out of me.

Anyway, the weather is starting to call me to the outdoors. This is what I am dreaming my yard will look like one day.

or how about this one

Now this one is possible

I am dreaming of a mint julep on this porch.
I have never actually had a mint julep come to think of it.

Ok, done dreaming and back to the grind of my Tuesday.

Pictures courtesy of House Beautiful