Thursday, July 1, 2010

What happened?

Not sure what happened and how all this time has gone by from blogging. Life, and Summer baby. Last night my daughter and I decided to make homemade strawberry freezer jam. Oh my gosh, so EASY and delicious. We poured some over vanilla ice-cream last night, yikes was that good. Here is what they looked like when done. I am going to give some to the new neighbors, even though we are new neighbors too and nobody has brought me homemade strawberry freezer jam. I'm just saying.
It went from this
to this baby!

Oh yeah. This recipe you do not have to cook, did you hear me peoples you do not have to cook this. After we finished the jam we made homemade pizza with the homemade pizza crust we made earlier in the day. I made the pizza on the grill because it was to hot to turn on the oven. Yikes, pizza on the grill kicked my butt. It turned out great, but kicked my butt.

Not sure where all the domesticating is coming from. Today woke up and did yoga, made two loaves of homemade french bread which is rising as we speak, prepared beef roast for sandwiches that we are having for dinner and stuck it in the crock pot, did two loads of laundry working on third, returned all emails, cleaned, dried and put away all dishes by hand (dishwasher is broken for two weeks, handyman said). Cleaned and prepared third floor guest suite for guests that are no longer coming, had seven cups of coffee. Which is probably why all things on list have been done so far.

Off to check on bread and make decorations for the 4th.

Martha Stewart eat your heart out sista!